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Bruce Hutton plays Old‑Time American folk music in an engaging and interactive style. He performs at schools, folk festivals and has given countless concerts for adult and family audiences.

His concert introduces the audience to the traditional music of the southern Appalachians, Piedmont, New England, the western frontier and early blues from Memphis and the Mississippi Delta.


He plays more than a dozen antique and hand‑crafted instruments. Included are banjos, guitars, dulcimers, mandolins, ukuleles and more.

Humor, dialogue with the audience and songs featuring sing‑along lyrics keep everyone involved throughout the concert. Participation also includes inviting members of the audience on stage to play limberjacks (Appalachian clogging dolls) with a banjo tune and jug‑band instruments (washboards, jugs, tub‑bass, whistles and spoons) while Bruce leads a 1920's jazz song with ukulele and kazoo.

brucepublictim006 Bruce Hutton is well-suited for a library or school program. He can provide a music and educational presentation that relate American
History English, Music Appreciation, and Social Studies. Bruce will provide an entertaining and educational experience for students at any level. Bruce has provided many library music programs to libraries throughout the United States.

A Teacher's Guide and Student American Folk Music Activites are available with every scheduled school program.


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